About Us

Welcome to Hockeyanswered!

My name is Wayne Jones and I am a lifelong hockey fan.

I grew up playing hockey. All types of hockey: ice hockey, table hockey, floor hockey, bubble hockey, ball hockey, shinny.

I have not only played a lot of hockey, but I have coached hockey and watched a lot of hockey.

Thank you for coming to my site, and I hope that you find a lot of great information to help you understand the game better. Please do let me know if there are any questions that you would like to have answered. 

In terms of watching hockey I’ve provided a list of my favourite and most disappointing hockey moments. (You will notice I am a Calgary Flames and Team Canada fan!). 

Here is a list of my favourite hockey moments:

  1. Steve Smith scores into his own net and the Flames defeat the juggernaut Oilers in 7 games on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals
  2. Canada Cup 1987 – Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux team up to take down the powerful and mysterious USSR
  3. Game 6 of the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals where the Flames win the Stanley Cup
  4. 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Finals – Canada vs USA. Canada wins to capture the first Gold Medal in over 40 years. Joe Sakic is named MVP and Jarome Iginla scores 2 goals
  5. 2004 Calgary Flames playoff run – I got to attend all three Stanley Cup Finals games 
  6. 2010 Vancouver Olympics – Sydney Crosby scores the Golden Goal in overtime to capture the Gold Medal in overtime against the USA

Here are some of my hockey heartbreaks (there were a lot, but I will keep it short):

  1. Wayne Gretzky scoring a slapshot over Mike Vernon’s shoulder to help eliminate the Flames in a sweep in the 1997 playoffs
  2. Peter Forsberg defeating Canada in the finals of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics with one of the best shootout moves ever!
  3. In 2004 being in the building with a chance to see the Flames win the Stanley Cup only to lose the game in double overtime to the Tampa Bay Lightning (and, eventually, the series). 
  4. Seeing Connor McDavid get drafted by the Oilers