How to Read Hockey Stats: Player, Goalie, & Team

Professional sports is about performance. The ultimate measure for performance is how many wins your team gets, but there are many more stats that help to see how well a player or team is playing. To get a real grasp at the performance of a player or team we need to know what the stats […]

What is the NHL minimum salary? (and who is making it) 2024

In hockey and most other professional sports the contracts that make the headlines are the largest and most expensive ones. But these are team sports and there are a lot of players that don’t get the press. How much do the players at the bottom-end get paid? What is the lowest salary in the NHL? […]

What were the original NHL teams? (Hint: There were 4)

Original 4? Shouldn’t it be Original 6? When I looked into the history of the NHL, as a lifelong hockey fan I was surprised that the NHL started with just 4 teams, not 6. And only 1 of the original 4 teams is part of what is known as the original 6. So, who were […]

How to read the NHL standings?

When following any new sport, it is important to figure out how to read the standings of the primary league, and following the NHL is no different. The standings can be confusing at first, but with a little knowledge they are quite straightforward. The purpose of the NHL standings is to show which team, at […]

Top 100 Hockey Slang Terms: Master all the hockey lingo 

One of the great thing about hockey is all of the hockey slang and lingo. It keeps on getting added to every year, but below we kept it to the list of the top 100 slang words. And, before we get to that here is a picture of the Hobey Baker winner, Cole Caufield, doing […]