11 longest NHL playoff games modern era (with video)

One of the best things about playoff hockey is overtime. Unless my team is in it then I am way too nervous – I can barely watch. (I did get to see the Flames lose live in double overtime to the Lightning in the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals. Still brings a tear to my eye) […]

10 Best NHL players to never win the Stanley Cup

Some of the most prominent pictures we hold in our heads are of the greats raising the Stanley Cup above their head – Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Ovechkin. But, not all the greats can win the Stanley Cup. There are plenty of amazing players who never got their name etched on the Stanley Cup. Here is […]

Top 10 American Hockey Players – 2021

Back in the 1970s only 2.3% of NHL players came from the U.S. Fast forward to the present and almost 30% of players come from America. And, it is just not the sheer number of American players that are in the NHL, but the quality of player is outstanding.  So having to choose only 10 […]

Top 10 Swedish Players in the NHL: 2020

Sweden has been a hockey factor for decades. It produces quality NHLer after quality NHLer.  Currently Sweden is producing amazing NHL defensemen with several of them represented on this list. I am not sure what is happening in their development program, but every other country should try to copy whatever they are doing.  Don’t worry […]

List of NHL Arenas: With Name, Age and Capacity

Here is a list of NHL arenas plus a list of frequently asked questions about NHL arenas at the end. What is the oldest arena in the NHL? The oldest arena in the NHL belongs to the Madison Square Gardens, the home of the New York Rangers. Although, it is the arena that has been […]

NHL Retired Jerseys by Team

Embed from Getty Images The three best things that can happen to you in the NHL are winning the Stanley Cup, getting into the Hall of Fame and getting your jersey retired. Here is a list by team of all the players who have ever had their number retired by an NHL team. One important […]

What are the Canadian NHL Teams?

Nobody in the world loves hockey as much as Canada. Canada has a population of 34 million and 7 NHL teams and they could easily support more! For comparisons sake, California has 39 million people with 3 NHL teams. So what are the Canadian NHL teams? There are seven NHL teams located in Canada. From […]

List of 50+ Ice Hockey Goalie Terms and Definitions

Angles: A goalie will position himself to decrease the amount of the net that a shooter can see Around-the-world glove save: When a goalie catches the puck in a style where his arm will end up going around in a large circle Backdoor: When the goalie is at one side of the net the empty […]

Top 250+ Ice Hockey Terms

Arena: The building where the hockey game takes place Art Ross Trophy: Award for the player who scores the most points during an NHL season Assist: A point given to the player who passes the puck to the goal scorer; up to two assists can be awarded for a goal Back Check: The forwards come […]

Top 100 Hockey Slang Terms: Master all the hockey lingo 

One of the great thing about hockey is all of the hockey slang and lingo. It keeps on getting added to every year, but below we kept it to the list of the top 100 slang words. And, before we get to that here is a picture of the Hobey Baker winner, Cole Caufield, doing […]