What Percentage of NHL Players are Canadian?

Hockey is still Canada’s game. It produces the largest amount and the highest quality of players, but other countries are catching up. If you go back in time to the 1970s, almost 100% of the players in the NHL were Canadian, but not anymore! What percentage of NHL players are Canadian? In the 2019-2020 season […]

Who scored the most goals in one NHL season? (and how it happened)

Every sport has its most coveted records. In the sport of hockey the records everyone wants are around goals – and most of the best ones are held by one player. Who scored the most goals in one NHL season? Wayne Gretzky with the Edmonton Oilers scored 92 goals in the 1981-82 season to set […]

What percentage of NHL players are American?

Hockey is a world sport, and the NHL is made up from players from many different countries. One of the countries that has the largest proportion of players in the NHL is America. What percentage of the NHL players are American? Players born in America makeup 24.8% of the players in the NHL during the […]

What was the first American team to win the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup was first awarded in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey club as the top amatuer team in Canada. American teams didn’t start competing for the cup until a couple of decades later. I’ll explain this a little later, but first we must answer our primary question.  What was the first American team to […]

Where is it called hockey? History behind the name

Every sport has a beginning. That is never the question. The hard thing to figure out is how it actually began. The development of any sport is not a straight line from A to B, but more like a bunch of little rivers that come together to finally form one large river. So how did […]

When will the NHL playoffs start? Guide to NHL 2020s return

I remember well watching hockey on Wednesday March 13th, 2020. The NBA had already suspended a game due to COVID, and I thought, ‘this is probably going to be the last hockey I watch for a long time.’ Well hockey seems like it is on the way back. I didn’t think it would get here […]

What is forechecking in hockey? 7 Strategies NHL teams use

Every team has a strategy to create offense in hockey. When trying to get the puck into the offensive zone a team has two options: carry the puck into the zone or shoot the puck in and try to retrieve it. A team would like to carry the puck into the zone but the defense […]

Why do hockey players tape their sticks?

One of a hockey player’s favourite things to do before a game is to tape their hockey stick. Many will spend countless hours doing this during the season. But, why do they spend so much time on this?  Why do hockey players tape their sticks? Players tape both the blade and knob of their sticks. […]

How fast can ice hockey players skate? (and who’s the fastest)

Hockey is called the fastest game in the world. If you ever get a chance to watch an NHL game within a few rows of the ice you will be stunned at how fast they actually do move. Some of this is lost by watching it from the seats at the top of the stadium […]

How many calories does a hockey player burn? NHL and Recreation

I play a pick up game of hockey with a group of guys every Monday night. We like to play mini-games to five and then have rematches or switch up teams, if necessary. One night during a break a friend was looking at an app on his phone, where I thought I saw his heart […]