How many Stanley Cups are there?

My first ever summer vacation I took after I started work was a road trip to Toronto from Calgary (about 36 hours of driving). Why Toronto? Two friends and I wanted to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and see the Stanley Cup. When we got there I learned something I never […]

What happens to the rings when the Stanley Cup is full of names?

One of the best traditions of the Stanley Cup is that the winning team gets to engrave their roster onto the bottom ring of the Cup. If you ever get to see the Stanley Cup in person it is so much fun to look at all of the players names engraved on it. I love […]

How do offsides in hockey work? (with pictures)

When you start to watch or play hockey one of the most important rules to know is the offside rule. The game does not make sense unless you understand it and it is one of the most common infractions in the game.  What is an offside in hockey? An offside is a stoppage of play […]

What is engraved in the bowl of the Stanley Cup?

One of the best parts of the Stanley Cup is that the players who win the trophy get to have their names engraved on the trophy. As you look at the rings you will see a who’s who of hockey players with their name on the cup. However, all of the names are not engraved […]

What is an unrestricted free agent in hockey?

Following the business side of hockey is like following a whole other sport. There is a lot of lingo to figure out, and one of the terms you hear most often is unrestricted free agent. What is an unrestricted free agent in hockey? An unrestricted free agent or UFA is a player that is not […]

4 perks players get for winning the Stanley Cup

Many argue that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in team sports to win. It takes a team two gruelling months of intense hockey to become the last team survival. Obviously the team who wins gets to fulfill their childhood dreams and team’s aspiration of glory, but what else do they get for winning […]

What is a bridge deal in hockey? with examples

When a player signs a contract or a team is contemplating signing a player you will here the term bridge contract thrown around. It is one of the different styles of contracts that are potentially on the table for a player to sign with a team. What is a bridge deal in hockey? A bridge […]

Why do hockey goalies scrap the ice?

Before a hockey game starts have you ever noticed how the goalie comes and warms up for the game? The first thing the will do is start to scrap and markup the ice in front of their net. Why are they doing this? Don’t players like playing on a fresh sheet of ice and not […]

What is the hand pass rule in hockey?

In the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs controversy reigned in Game 3 between San Jose and St. Louis. San Jose won the game on an illegal hand pass in overtime that allowed the team to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Fortunately for the NHL the controversy turned out to be moot as St. Louis […]

What does aav mean in hockey? (with examples)

When the hockey season is over my wife always wonders why I still read so much stuff about hockey. I always tell her that the hockey season never ends because the summer is when so many trades and signings happen. An abbreviation that always comes up when a team signs a player to a contract […]