What is the bumper play in hockey?

Offensive coaches are always trying to find ways to score more and one of the newer innovations is through the bumper position. But what does this bumper position mean and entail?  What is the bumper position? The bumper position is a dynamic role typically assumed by a forward during a team’s power play or in […]

What is a slew foot in hockey?

When we talk about a slew foot in hockey, we’re referring to a maneuver that, while it may not occur in every game, is a highly controversial play and penalty when it does happen.  What is a slew foot in hockey? A slew foot is a specific type of trip where one player uses their […]

NHL High Stick Rule: Penalty Vs Stoppage of Play

One of the most common calls you will see in hockey is high-sticking. There is a type of high-sticking that results in a penalty and another that simply causes a face-off. What is high-sticking in hockey? The term high-sticking is used for two different infractions in hockey: (1) A penalty where a player makes contact […]

Understanding Misconduct and Game Misconduct Penalties in Hockey

On a regular basis in hockey you will hear of a player getting a misconduct penalty for 10 minutes. However, sometimes they come back into the game and sometimes they do not, and why doesn’t the other team get a power play for 10 minutes? It can be confusing.  What is a misconduct penalty in […]

What is the hand pass rule in hockey?

In the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs controversy reigned in Game 3 between San Jose and St. Louis. San Jose won the game on an illegal hand pass in overtime that allowed the team to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Fortunately for the NHL the controversy turned out to be moot as St. Louis […]

Why do hockey players get kicked out of faceoffs?

When watching hockey on tv most things are explained to you be the commentators like why a player gets a penalty or the reason for a stoppage in play. However, the one thing that they never explain is why a player gets kicked out of the faceoff circle and another replaces him. The truth is […]

How do line changes work in hockey?

Hockey is known as the fastest game on earth, and line changes in hockey contribute to this. However, they are also a confusing part of the game: players coming on & off during the flow of the game at seemingly random times. Who comes off? Who goes on? How do they know? How do line […]

Can you hit the goalie in hockey?

It is common to see the goalie come out of his net and play the puck. When this happens, is the goalie fair game? Is a player able to bodycheck the goalie like any other opponent on the ice? The goalie in hockey is not allowed to be hit by a player. There is no […]

How long do hockey players stay on the ice? A guide to shift lengths

Hockey is a highly intense sport often called the fastest game in the world. If you have ever watched or played in a hockey game you will know there is a lot of truth to it. Players are asked to go out onto the ice and play at an extremely aggressive and fast level of […]