Can a NHL player refuse a trade? 

Trades are a fun part of following the NHL and your favourite team. However, what is often not discussed are trades from a players perspective – who likes having to be told to move your family to another city without notice?  Can an NHL player refuse a trade? An NHL player cannot refuse a trade. […]

Who is the highest paid NHL player? 2024

There was a time in professional sports when they did not report player’s salaries? So not fun! We love to know how much players are making, especially the guys at the top. Who is the highest paid player in the NHL?  The highest paid player in the NHL 2023-24 year is Nathan MacKinnon with an annual […]

What is escrow in the NHL?

In the world of sports the business aspect offers as much drama as the playing side. In the NHL one of the biggest talking points among players is escrow. Player’s hate it, but the NHL thinks it is a necessity.  What is escrow in the NHL? Escrow is where a certain percentage of money is […]

Why do NHL players get paid less than NBA, NFL, MLB?

No one feels bad for NHL players and the salaries they are paid – they still do make millions. But, the highest paid players in the NHL seem like they make significantly less than the other major sports leagues in the US/Canada. And, this is true. On average NHL players do get paid less than […]

What is the yearly revenue of the NHL? (plus, where it comes from)

Everyone knows that sports is big business. It hasn’t always been this way, but in the past three decades professional sports has found a way to significantly increase the money they take in. So how does the NHL fit into this landscape? Are they racking the money in like other sport leagues?  What is the […]

What is the average NHL salary for a player? 2023-24

Everyone loves to know NHL player salaries. We judge so much of their performance by it – is the player worth the contract or not? However, to have an accurate assessment we need to know what the average players salary actually is. This gives us a better understanding if a player is being over or underpaid relative to their performance. […]

How much do NHL coaches get paid? (with salary tracker)

Have you ever wondered how much an NHL coach gets paid? Well, so do a lot of other people. However, the information is not easy to obtain, because coach’s salaries are not officially published. The main source of a coach’s salary information comes from local reporters. How much does a NHL coach get paid? An […]

NHL waiver rules: The easy to understand guide

General Managers are always trying to make their team better, and one of the most straightforward ways to do this is by swapping players between your NHL team and AHL affiliate (minor league team). However, to send a player to the minors often requires the team place him on ‘waivers’. What are waivers in the NHL? Waivers is a […]

Guide to Restricted Free Agents (RFA) in the NHL

This post is part of our business of hockey series. To understand how a team is constructed and why it keeps, trades, or signs players you have to understand the business side of hockey. Today we will look at closer at what it means to be a restricted free agent. What is a restricted free […]

What is an unrestricted free agent in hockey?

Following the business side of hockey is like following a whole other sport. There is a lot of lingo to figure out, and one of the terms you hear most often is unrestricted free agent. What is an unrestricted free agent in hockey? An unrestricted free agent or UFA is a player that is not […]