What do I wear to a hockey game?

Congratulations! One of the most fun sports to watch live is hockey – at any level of play. It is fast, has a lot of continuous action, and there are usually numerous momentum changes.  But what should I wear to the game? Hockey arenas must be somewhat cold because they involve ice. And doesn’t it […]

How long is a hockey game? NHL, college, and recreation

When you are going to watch a hockey game a natural question to ask is ‘how long is a hockey game’?  As with any sport, it takes longer in real time than the official number of minutes played. So how long is an ice hockey game? An ice hockey game has a total of 60 […]

What time do NHL warmups start?

One of the best things to do when going to an NHL is to get to the game early so you can watch the warmup. Even if you do not have seats in the lower bowl NHL teams will allow you to go down right to the glass to watch the players skate around and […]

What are the different hockey positions? (with pictures)

When getting familiar with any sport one of the first things you need to do is get to know the positions and the purpose of each. Hockey does have multiple types of positions and each one has a different function in trying to win the game. Let’s look at each of the hockey positions and […]

How many ice hockey periods are there?

Hockey is played in periods, however a common question is: how many quarters or halves are in a hockey game? If you are new to hockey one of the first things you will want to know is how the actual structure of the game works. Hockey is different from football, basketball and soccer in how […]

What is the long change in hockey?

There are so many hockey terms that are made reference to in the sport, but the name offers little clue to what it actually means! One of these terms is “long change”. What is a long change in hockey and how does it work? The long change in hockey refers to the time of the […]

Can hockey games end in a tie? (and what happens next)

The rules for a tie have changed in hockey. For a long time, a tie game was quite common to see at the professional level, but the NHL wanted to make sure that there was a winner and loser each and every game so they changed the way the game was structured; the tie in […]

NHL Overtime Rules: Understanding hockey OT in 2023-24

NHL overtime rules can be tricky to understand as the play is noticeably different from regulation. And to add to the confusion the rules have been changed a number of times over the past twenty years! However, it is worth the effort because when it happens it is one of the most exciting times in […]

What is a power play?

The power play is one of the key times in any hockey game. Often how a team does on their power play is the difference between winning and losing.  So, what is a power play? A power play in hockey is one team has an advantage of having more players on the ice because than their […]