NHL Goalies

“I’m not dumb enough to be a goalie” Brett Hull, 5th on the NHL all-time goal list

Our guide to the most fascinating position in hockey: The Goalie!

The hardest position to play

Without question goalie is the hardest position to play in hockey.

It takes many more years of development for a goalie to make the NHL than a forward or defensemen. 

Why is this? 

Not only do they have to stop 100 mph pucks being shot at their heads, but they have to learn to read plays ie. think and see the game at an extremely high-level. 

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Top 6 NHL goalies by wins

1. Martin Brodeur: The Unsurpassed Legend

  • Wins: 691
  • Teams: New Jersey Devils (main team), St. Louis Blues
  • Career Span: 1991-2015

2 Marc-André Fleury: The Golden Flower

  • Wins: 556
  • Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Vegas Golden Knights, Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild
  • Career Span: 2003-Present

3. Patrick Roy: Butterfly Style Innovator

  • Wins: 551
  • Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Colorado Avalanche
  • Career Span: 1984-2003

4. Roberto Luongo: The Reliable Workhorse

  • Wins: 489
  • Teams: New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Vancouver Canucks
  • Career Span: 1999-2019

5. Ed Belfour: The Eagle

  • Wins: 484
  • Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers
  • Career Span: 1988-2007

6. Henrik Lundqvist: The King of New York

  • Wins: 459
  • Teams: New York Rangers
  • Career Span: 2005-2020

Rules around the goalie

How does a goalie get an NHL win?

One of the most popular articles ever around here was thanks to David Ayers. 

Who was David Ayers you ask?

He was the Zamboni Driving backup who got put in as an Emergency Backup against his hometown Maple Leafs. 

Both Carolina Hurricane goalies got hurt during the game, and Ayers went in and finished the game that the Canes won. 

Naturally, everyone was wondering if he got the win for the Hurricanes during that game.

If you are in when the Game Winning Goal is scored you will get the win but here are all the nuances.