What is Cross-Checking in Hockey? Navigating the Rules

Cross-checking, a term every ice hockey enthusiast and player comes across, often finds itself at the center of heated debates within the hockey community. The debate often centers around what is cross-checking and when is it legal and when is it not?�

How Many Goalies on a Hockey Team: Exploring the Roster Dynamics

Goalies are the backbone of any ice hockey team — the last line of defense and often the difference between victory and defeat. Understanding how many goalies on a hockey team isn’t just trivia; it’s central to grasping the strategic mechanics that drive this fast-paced sport.  How many goalies on an NHL team? A standard […]

What is the bumper play in hockey?

Offensive coaches are always trying to find ways to score more and one of the newer innovations is through the bumper position. But what does this bumper position mean and entail?  What is the bumper position? The bumper position is a dynamic role typically assumed by a forward during a team’s power play or in […]

What is body checking in hockey?

In the thrilling game of hockey, body checking is a tactic that people love to see. But questions surround it as well – what is an illegal check? or what is the significance of it in a game? What is body checking in hockey? Body checking is a method where a player uses their body […]

Can Goalies Be Ice Hockey Captains?

The captaincy in ice hockey is more than a letter on a jersey; it is a symbol of leadership, authority, and often becomes synonymous with the identity of the team. But, what you never see is a goalie with a ‘C’ or ‘A’ on their jersey. Can goalies be ice hockey captains? Goalies are not […]

The Gordie Howe Hat Trick: A Legacy of Skill and Grit

The Gordie Howe Hat Trick is a term revered and echoed through the chilly arenas of hockey. It’s not just a phrase; it’s a storyline of a game encapsulated in three acts by a single player—a goal, an assist, and a fight. It’s the blend of skill, teamwork, and raw grit, all rolled into one. […]

How do scholarships for college ice hockey players work?

For many young enthusiasts dreaming of college-level play, scholarships for college ice hockey players are the golden tickets that pave the way to an enriched educational and athletic experience. These scholarships don’t just reduce the financial strain on students and families; they open a gateway to personal growth, professional networking, and a potential future in […]

Are college hockey players allowed to fight?

In the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled world of college hockey what happens when this competitive spirit crosses the line into physical altercations? At the heart of this issue lies a pivotal question: How does the NCAA handle fighting in college hockey, and what are the implications for players and the sport as a whole? Are college hockey […]

What is boarding in hockey?

One part we love about hockey is its physicality; however the physical aspect can lead to penalties, one of the most serious being boarding in hockey.  What is boarding in hockey? Boarding occurs when a player hits an opponent from behind and drives him dangerously into the boards. This action can lead to severe penalties […]

What is a slew foot in hockey?

When we talk about a slew foot in hockey, we’re referring to a maneuver that, while it may not occur in every game, is a highly controversial play and penalty when it does happen.  What is a slew foot in hockey? A slew foot is a specific type of trip where one player uses their […]