Sin Bin: What Is The Hockey Penalty Box?

What is the Penalty Box?

The crack of a hockey stick, the roar of the crowd, and the piercing whistle of the referee – an upset player starts skating over to the penalty box. What is the penalty box in hockey? The penalty box is the designated area for a hockey player to go to when they have received a […]

Unpacking the Puck: A Deep Dive into Hockey Puck Size and Weight

What is the size and weight of the hockey puck? The size of a standard hockey puck is 6 ounces in weight, 1 inch in thickness and 3 inches in diameter. There is really no variations to these numbers in official games for hockey pucks. However, lighter or heavier pucks could be used for kids […]

What are the American NHL Teams?

American NHL teams have had a great impact in the NHL. When the NHL started in 1917 there were 4 teams and none of them were in the United States. So how many have been added since the start?  How many American NHL Teams are in the NHL? There are 25 American teams in the […]

NHL High Stick Rule: Penalty Vs Stoppage of Play

One of the most common calls you will see in hockey is high-sticking. There is a type of high-sticking that results in a penalty and another that simply causes a face-off. What is high-sticking in hockey? The term high-sticking is used for two different infractions in hockey: (1) A penalty where a player makes contact […]

Understanding Misconduct and Game Misconduct Penalties in Hockey

On a regular basis in hockey you will hear of a player getting a misconduct penalty for 10 minutes. However, sometimes they come back into the game and sometimes they do not, and why doesn’t the other team get a power play for 10 minutes? It can be confusing.  What is a misconduct penalty in […]

Why did Wayne Gretzky not win the Rookie of the Year Award?

When you look at Wayne Gretzky’s first year in the NHL, his stats are off the charts. So, why didn’t he win the Calder Trophy for the Rookie of the Year?  Gretzky did not win the Rookie of the Year in the NHL in 1979-80 because he was deemed ineligible for the award after playing […]

Was Wayne Gretzky drafted into the NHL? 

Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player who has ever played, which makes it surprising to learn that Wayne Gretzky did not get drafted into the NHL. Why did Gretzky not get drafted into the NHL? Gretzky started his professional career at the age of 17 in a rival league to the NHL called the World […]

Can you play in the NHL without being drafted? (and who they are)

The NHL draft is where all the top players in the come from, but is the only way that NHL players come into the league? Can you play in the NHL without being drafted? Yes, you can play in the NHL without being drafted. Although it is not the common path, 14% of the players […]

How do the NHL playoffs work? 2024

The NHL playoffs are one of the greatest tournaments in sports. They are must viewing for any sports fan. However, they do have their own nuances and need-to-knows for any follower of the game.   How do the NHL playoffs work? 16 teams qualify for the NHL playoffs.  12 teams are placed in the playoff bracket […]