Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the most revered trophy in all of sports. Let’s take a deep dive! 

what does a player get for winning the stanley cup?

The best and most obvious thing you get for winning the Stanley Cup is you get to tell others you are a Stanley Cup champion!

Well, of course, but what are the tangible things a player gets? 

There are four things a player gets: 

  1. Name engraved on the cup
  2. Stanley Cup ring
  3. A day with the cup
  4. Cash bonus

See the full breakdown of the benefits of winning the cup.

5 facts to know about the stanley cup

  1. Oldest Professional Sports Trophy in North America: The Stanley Cup was first awarded in 1893, making it the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America. It predates the World Series and the modern Olympic Games.

  2. Named After Lord Stanley of Preston: The trophy is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, who was the Governor General of Canada in 1892. He purchased the cup for 10 guineas (approximately $50 at the time) to be awarded to Canada’s top-ranking amateur ice hockey club.

  3. Unique Tradition of Engraving Winners: Unlike most trophies that have a single team or individual’s name engraved on them per year, the Stanley Cup has the names of all the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff engraved on its bands. This tradition allows every member of the winning team to be permanently recognized.

  4. Travelled the World: The Stanley Cup has been taken to the top of mountains, swum with in pools, and traveled to numerous countries as part of the tradition that allows each winning team’s players to spend a day with the cup. It has even been to combat zones to visit troops, making it one of the most well-traveled sports trophies.

  5. Continuous Growth: The Stanley Cup has grown in size over the years due to the addition of bands at its base to include the names of new winners. When a band becomes full, the oldest band is removed and preserved in the Hockey Hall of Fame to make room for a new one, ensuring that the Cup does not become too large to lift.

What teams have never won the stanley cup?

Sometimes we like to know who hasn’t won as much as who has won. 

So what teams haven’t won the Stanley Cup? 

Well, unfortunately (for them) there are eleven teams.

The Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks are the oldest of the bunch. 

See how each of these 11 teams have faired/failed  in the playoffs and how close each came to raising Lord Stanley. 

Top 10 Teams by Stanley Cup Wins

  1. Montreal Canadiens – 24 wins
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs – 13 wins
  3. Detroit Red Wings – 11 wins
  4. Boston Bruins – 6 wins
  5. Chicago Blackhawks – 6 wins
  6. Edmonton Oilers – 5 wins
  7. Pittsburgh Penguins – 5 wins
  8. New York Rangers – 4 wins
  9. New York Islanders – 4 wins
  10. New Jersey Devils – 3 wins

who gets there name on the cup?

When you see the names on the cup it is not just the players on the ice who are on there.

Each championship team is allowed to put up to 52 names on the cup that includes players, coaches, management and staff.

The criteria is based on regular season games played, Stanley Cup Finals games, or active affiliation with the club. A team is allowed to petition for a name to be put on that falls outside of this criteria.

See how a team decides which names to choose (and the ones to leave off).

how many stanley cups are there?

What!? There is more than one Stanley Cup?

Yes, there is actually three of them. 

  1. The Original
  2. The Presentation Trophy
  3. The Backup

See which one they use in different situations and how to tell them apart. 

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