What is the Best Way to Buy NHL Tickets?

If you are looking to experience an NHL game in person (or another live event), you want an easy way to find the best seats possible for an upfront price. 

What is the best way to buy NHL tickets? MEGAseats is a ticket marketplace that has NO hidden service fees to surprise you at the checkout. There are always a variety of tickets available, they are trustworthy, the process is easy & honest, and you can even use our 10% discount code hockeyanswered.* This is the best, cheapest way I’ve seen online to reliably buy tickets to an NHL game.

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Season Tickets

Ok, so the truly cheapest way to get tickets is by buying or sharing season tickets. Season ticket holders pay about 20% less than the posted price for each game. 

Since this is a huge commitment of both money and time, it is not an option for many fans! However, if you know someone who has season tickets, they may be willing to sell you occasional tickets for the price they have paid. (Season ticket holders typically cannot buy extra tickets at this discounted rate). This would truly be the cheapest way to see an NHL game, but it is not possible most of the time, for most people.

Why I like MEGAseats:

No fees 

Everybody hates feeling ripped off or fooled by unexpected fees. It is irritating to look at the options for tickets at a certain price, decide on tickets, then at the checkout to see that it will actually cost much more. It feels scammy & deceptive.

On this resale platform, what you see is what you pay. I’m sure there are actually fees included in the price, but you just see one, straightforward price. 

Lowest prices

In my personal, independent comparison of ticket prices, I have found that the prices on MEGAseats are the cheapest. I’m talking the same section, same row: big difference in price between MEGAseats, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, etc.

I’m not sure why — maybe the prices are inflated elsewhere because they are absorbing the fees in. In any case, it seems like the prices at MEGAseats are the best, even before our hockeyanswered discount.

And, especially when you can get an extra 10% off (using our discount code hockeyanswered), the price ends up the lowest available.

See the Actual Price Without Creating an Account 

Another thing I like about MEGAseats is that the actual price total is disclosed in the first step of the checkout. Other options I tried made me input both my email (or create an account) and billing address before I could see the actual, final, cart price breakdown. 

Transparency without creating an account is important to me, especially when I have so little trust that a reseller won’t try to ding me with fees! I don’t want to set up an account or share my personal information when I don’t even know if I’m going to go through with the transaction.

(This doesn’t include the discount code price — you will not see that updated until you go to the payment page, after giving your email, and can input the code)

Don’t Miss the Discount!

It is easy to miss the spot on the checkout page where you can put in a promo code. 

Promo Code: hockeyanswered

Here’s a look at the checkout page,

Make sure to click that little triangle and use the promo code hockeyanswered, and you will get 10% on the tickets you are buying (for hockey or any other event).

Find resale tickets here at MEGAseats.com > 

Alternate options for buying NHL Tickets

  • NHL → Ticketmaster
  • Vividseats
  • Stubhub

Have fun at the game!

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