NHL Salaries

Everyone likes to know who makes what. We've got you covered.

Who is the highest paid Nhl player?

The highest paid player in the NHL goes to the honour of:


Mackinnon makes $12.6 million per year, just edging out Connor McDavid.

How long can Nathan hold on to that spot? 

Checkout that and everything that goes into the top players contracts in our Highest Paid Player article!


What is the average nhl salary

The average salary for the 2023-24 NHL year is:

$3.69 Million.

You will be surprised (or you might not even recognize their name) at who is making the NHL average.

The most we can say is that the NHL General Managers get the numbers right because when you look at the list of these players they are, well ummm, average. 

what is the lowest salary in the nhl?

Guys who are just happy to be there, veterans holding on for a final year or two, or rookies are the guys making the minimum NHL salary. 

The minimum salary in the NHL for 2023-24 is: 


Not a bad salary for the minimum, but these guys often only play a few years and then they have to, gulp, find another job!

Find out about the guys at the bottom of the NHL money barrel. 

how much do NHL coaches get paid?

Coaches do not have to disclose how much they make like the players do. 

So it is often hard to find out how much a coach actually makes. We are mostly reliant on reporters to get this scoop. 

The range of salaries is $1 to $5 million with the average being about $3 million. 

See our list of all the coaches and if we know how much your teams coach gets paid. 

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